Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase products from

At this time, we have decided to exclusively wholesale our products to physical or online retail businesses. If interested in purchasing wholesale or finding locations where you may order Ortho Nutrition® products from, please visit our Purchase section.

The founder of this line, Brian Simonis, is stated to be an orthomolecular medicinal practitioner. What exactly is an orthomolecular medicinal practitioner?

An orthomolecular medicinal practitioner falls into the category of "alternative medicine," though we personally like to refer to it as "natural" medicine. In a nutshell, orthomolecular medicine represents the idea of giving your body what it needs, to take care of itself. The Western diet lacks many of the nutrients and minerals necessary to prevent and treat disease (such as Iodine and Magnesium), which in turn prevents our bodies from functioning on an optimal level. has the following to say about orthomolecular medicine:

"Orthomolecular medicine posits that many typical diets are insufficient for long term health; thus, orthomolecular medical diagnoses and treatment often focus on use of nutrients such as vitamins, dietary minerals, proteins, antioxidants, amino acids, %-3 fatty acids, %-6 fatty acids, lipotropes, prohormones, dietary fiber and short and longchain fatty acids." Source

Can your products cure (xyz) disease?

We make no direct health claims regarding our products, and encourage our customers to do their own due diligence regarding what products and foods they choose to add to their diet. In our Products page, you may view detailed information and studies involving the actives that we utilize in the Ortho Nutrition® brand.

I heard that (xyz) ingredient is real beneficial, can you include it in a formula?

We always welcome thoughts and suggestions from our customers, so if you have any scientific literature that you would like us to review, please feel free to utilize our Contact Us page.

For legal reasons, please be advised, that suggesting an idea does not constitute ownership or intellectual property of said idea and is strictly a private (not public) communication. Communicating an idea in any way, shape, or form with an correspondent becomes property of exclusively to use or not use without recourse.

Is there a product return policy or warranty?

Product return policy varies on the respective retail location that carries the Ortho Nutrition® brand. If a retailer of our products provides an unpleasant experience, please inform us through our Contact Us section so that we may provide remedy.